spokesperson WALL GmbH

As a long-standing partner of many cultural institutions in Germany, we have experienced the dramatic effects of the Corona pandemic on the cultural scene from the very beginning. It is important to us to stand by our partners and the artists involved in this difficult time - and to give them back, publicly and visibly, a piece of the presence they deserve for their work right now. That's why we are providing the MISS YOU campaign in the cities of Berlin, Hamburg and Baden-Baden with analogue and digital advertising space worth around 1 million euros.


artistic director of the Siemens Arts Program

Art and culture – and those who create and organize it – are a core element of our society, an engine for identity, creativity and contemplation. They make an important contribution to social cohesion, especially in the current pandemic. We are acutely aware of the impact that SARS CoV-2 is having on the culture scene. With the support of the MISS YOU art project, SIEMENS wants to make a small contribution to redress the situation and reaffirm the solidarity between artists, culture and business. Because we at the Siemens Arts Program also miss the creative exchange and joint projects with outstanding artists and cultural institutions. We aim to offer sustainable support to the intellectual, social and economic development of society and aspire to actively shape progress in the realms of science, research, art and culture. 

Personally, I miss the gleam in the eyes of those who, like me, think Schönberg was right: "Art comes from HAVING TO." In other words: For me personally, art is not just a "nice to have" for carefree times.

MISS YOU will make artists visible again and rightly remind everyone how much we need them. The Siemens Arts Program is convinced that this public exhibition will reawaken old yearnings, spread confidence and be a cause for reflection. We look forward to seeing art again – because the truth is that it was never gone.



Managing Partner, WITTE Projektmanagement GmbH

Right now it is becoming apparent what enormous forces and commitment we can unleash together. Many people have become more attentive to others and especially to people who have been hit harder than themselves. This includes not least the MISS YOU exhibition project. MISS YOU has triggered and inspired us in equal measure, because it shows once again what we are capable of when we want to or have to. In this sense, I want one thing above all: to look ahead to the future with hope and positivity.


general manager Bikini Berlin

The MISS YOU campaign reflects our collective yearning for art and culture. The prolonged closure of cultural institutions has made us painfully aware of the huge role that they play in our everyday lives. Bikini Berlin also sees itself as one of the German capital’s cultural meeting places. Our visitors can shop in curated stores and pop-up boxes, admire inspiring exhibitions and installations and discover creative concepts. The art and culture community has been particularly hard hit by the current situation, which is why we are delighted to be providing it with a presentation space. In these unprecedented times, it is important for everyone to come together to support and celebrate the creative scene.


TV Turm Alexanderplatz, Berlin

The television tower stands for Berlin and Berlin is a symbol of a diverse art and culture scene. Urban art in particular is at home here - from graffiti to tape art - and is therefore also reflected in the TV tower's cultural program in the form of collaborations, exhibitions and workshops. In the current situation, none of this is possible, and we miss our guests and our artists. MISS YOU is exactly how we feel! That's why we are happy to support this terrific campaign from the bottom of our hearts!